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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buzz Bissinger: Unhinged Weirdo

In writing about Bob Costas' show last night, it is required that you first state Buzz Bissinger is an excellent writer. He is. Done.

What can you say about the show last night? It was irony upon irony. Without question, Will Leitch was the only member of the panel who had any idea what he was talking about. If only he had been permitted to speak.

Neither Costas nor Bissinger was internet savvy enough to distinguish between blog posts/articles and comments. Commenters, as we all know, are the scum of the blogosphere (Except for you guys. We love you!) and failing to make that distinction is simply inept journalism. Mispronouncing (intentionally, in my opinion) the pen name of Deadspin contributor "Big Daddy Drew" to the more inappropriate "Big Daddy Balls" is similarly inept. Questioning Will Leitch about his knowledge of dead-tree sports writing (and then basically ignoring the fact that he had in fact read W. C. Heinz work) was more akin to a witch trial than a constructive discussion. The fact that they attacked Will using other Deadspin writers while not citing a single example of his own writing was idiotic.

While uttering many a profanity and frothing at the mouth, Buzz Bissinger attacked the civility of blogs, all the while behaving as the worst example of troll or fanboy. Bob Costas was too unfamiliar with the medium to know the correct side to take.

Will Leitch, proprietor of the uncivil, profane, glib, and infantile Deadspin, sat there like a perfect gentleman, never raised his voice in anger, and attempted to make salient points when given the chance.

On TV, actions speak louder than words. The writer showed his true colors. So did the blogger.

Also, Braylon Edwards was there.

Here's MDS

Here's Mr. Tremendous, who contributed to the set-up piece on the show.

Here's Will, once again taking the high road.


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