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Friday, June 27, 2008

Aaaaaaand we're back

Sorry about the hiatus, but real world concerns dictated the move, and real world always trumps interweb world in my world. Which is the real world. Mostly.

Anyway, the important thing is that the Japanese have invented super-intelligent toilets:

High-end toilets can also sense when someone enters or leaves the bathroom, raising or lowering their lids accordingly. Many models have a "learning mode," which allows them to memorize the lavatory schedules of household members.

The Bush administration has already declared that they have the right to find out any and all information gathered by these toilets.

Also, while I was gone one of our all-time favorite bloggers, the incomparable Ace Cowboy, began blogging again here.

For you Packer fans, Football Outsiders and their KUBIAK projection system have embraced Aaron Rodgers with arms wide open:

Rodgers’ primary attribute is his ability to fit into the offense around him. He can read progressions well and quickly, which is crucial when a quarterback is making all those short throws. In 2007, Cleveland’s Anderson was the beneficiary of an improved pass-blocking line as a first-time starter, but he was also adept at getting rid of the ball quickly and productively. That’s a skill in and of itself — the guys who really can move the ball with short throws are an evolutionary step up from the “chuck-and-duckers” who wash out in the NFL after exploiting college defenses. Rodgers’ success could be very much like Anderson’s, because the system is in place.

The Packers are in good hands with their new starting quarterback. Rodgers will have his struggles, and there will be much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments when that happens and No. 4 isn’t there to bail the Pack out. Still, it’s important to remember that in the Cowboys game, the offense played better with Rodgers than they did with Favre, because Favre was having one of his “Hero Days,” when you never knew what you were going to get. Rodgers was able to implement a game plan, and do it well, under a lot of pressure. Add his sample-size DVOA to the equation (the best for passers with 10 to 99 attempts in 2007), and the (spoiler alert!) positive projections given to him by KUBIAK and Pro Football Prospectus 2008, and it’s pretty clear that fans of the team that has belonged to Brett Favre since the early 1990s will still have reason to cheer in 2008 and beyond.

Hopefully he can take us higher.

(H/T, ESK)

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