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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sky Kid

This is Sky Kid.

I had this game for my old-school 8-bit NES. My best friend an I would play it all the time, but we had one major problem. (Besides that fact that playing lots of Sky Kid is kinda lame, but it was one of the few 2-player simultaneous games so cut me some slack.)

In Sky Kid, when you get to the end of a board you have to land your plane on a little landing strip. If you fly over the landing strip you run out of gas and crash into the ocean.

Somewhere around the 26th board, you get to the end of the board and there's no landing strip, All of a sudden you just crash into the ocean. I've never been able to figure this out, and sometimes, in my darkest moments, it drives me nuts. My friend even tried playing all the way through on an emulator in slo-mo, to no avail.

So, if anyone out there knows how to land on the 26th board in the NES version of Sky Kid, let me know.


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